The National Retail Association (NRA) has today reminded shoppers that Queensland is less than 48 hours away until the state permanently bins the plastic shopping bag.

From Sunday July 1 all retailers will no longer be able to supply single-use light-weight plastic bags to customers.

NRA Manager of Industry Policy David Stout urged shoppers to be prepared and for retailers to contact the NRA if they have any queries.

“From this coming Sunday the plastic bag will no longer be available when shopping anywhere in Queensland,” Mr Stout said.

“The ban does not only include grocery shopping at the supermarket but extends to all retail outlets such as visits to the local takeaway or butcher shop.

“Some retailers may choose to offer alternative bags for a small fee while some might even choose to not offer a bag at all.

“The NRA’s work in ensuring that the industry transitions effectively during the implementation of the plastic bag ban does not end when doors open for trade on Sunday.

“All retailers across Queensland need to know that the NRA is still here to assist them with any queries or concerns they have and to help them manage the change as smoothly as possible.

“Retailers who do not comply with the new laws from July 1 face hefty fines of over $6,000 per offence, not to mention disruptions to their business and upsetting customers. Therefore, it is vital that businesses reach out to the NRA if they’re unsure about any aspect of the ban.

Mr Stout also urged customers to be patient during the transition period and to not take any frustrations out on retail staff.

“We’re confident that Queensland businesses are adequately prepared for this coming Sunday but if there are any hiccups the NRA urges shoppers not to bag the staff,” Mr Stout said.

“The NRA, the state government and retail businesses have done all they can to advertise the ban ahead of its implementation and we encourage Queenslanders to set reminders for themselves before heading to the shops from this Sunday onwards.”

For more information on the plastic bag ban, business owners or shoppers should email, or call the NRA’s hotline on 1800 RETAIL.