Paper Bag Myth #1: People won’t pay for a paper bag.

SPAR Supermarket at Alexandra Headlands, introduced Detpak paper bags for 30c and 40c almost a year ago. They’ve found customers are extremely positive about the change and prefer paper over plastic. The store also donates 5c per bag to a charity that looks after keeping Sunshine Coast beaches clean. Read more about SPAR’s experience with paper here:


Paper Bag Myth #2: Paper bags can’t be used for food.

Paper is actually an excellent option for fast food as it’s not only stronger than most people think – it also allows food to breathe. Plastic bags trap the hot steam inside, leading to sweating and excess moisture in and around the food. Our packaging partner Detpak has many fast food customers who have moved away from plastic such as Super Rooster, Getta Burger, Origin Kebabs, The Yiros Shop and Burger Urge. Burger Urge also use their paper bags for food delivery to ensure their burgers get to their customers safely. Check out their food-friendly range here:


Paper Bag Myth #3: Paper bags are expensive.

Our packaging partner Detpak has paper bags for as little as 15c, plus they’re recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, and sourced from certified sustainable forestry. Options like the #16 Checkout Bags are a great value for money option. Organic food store Wray Organic in Queensland have made the move to paper in their Cleveland and North Lakes stores, and Miss Kay’s uses the popular ‘D-Bag’ for their food. Check out Detpak’s economical options here:


Paper bag myth #4: Paper bags are just as bad for the environment.

Paper bags are not only sustainable, recyclable and compostable, they can also be printed with environmentally-friendly inks. Boatshed Market have recently made the move to paper! The WA based marketplace is now offering their customers paper bags that are an environmentally friendly choice. These PaperPak bags are sustainable, recyclable and strong, plus they’re printed with water, soy and UV inks, which are more environmentally friendly than solvent-based inks. You can find out more about sustainable paper bag alternatives at


Paper bag myth #5: Paper bags aren’t suitable for online or deliveries.

Bellyful New Zealand switched to using paper bags for their support package deliveries as part of plastic free July! Bellyful provide support to families with newborn babies or young children who are struggling with illness. On top of supporting families in tough times, this New Zealand based organisation participated in the plastic free July challenge, switching to using a PaperPak reusable, recyclable and compostable paper bag for their deliveries! Find out about environmentally-friendly bag alternatives at


Find out more about your paper bag and packaging options at Detpak and PaperPak.