The Queensland plastic bag ban will come into effect on 1 July 2018 after extensive consultation with the retail industry, environment groups and other stakeholders over the past three years.

This provides adequate time for retailers to prepare, and for the Queensland government to educate customers on the impending ban.

The NRA recommends that retailers spend the next few months preparing for the ban – finding out what it means for your business through local workshops, weighing up alternatives, changing supply processes, and notifying your team. From April 2018, it’s time to start making the transition – stop ordering banned bags, start displaying notices to educate customers and use the NRA’s training kits to thoroughly prepare team members. Read more on Managing the Ban >>

Retailers will not be allowed to provide any banned bags from 1 July 2018 and fines will apply from this date.


Recommended steps to manage the bag ban deadline

From July 2017 to March 2018 retailers should prepare for the impending ban. Decision-makers in the business will need to consider the alternative bag options, associated costs and impacts on the business and supply chain.

  1. Get the information you need by attending one of the NRA workshops. See workshops in your area >>
  2. Weigh up your options – Will you provide alternative bags? Will you charge for these? Read advice on managing the ban >>
  3. Plan an end date for ordering plastic bags, start educating customers and train your team. Download signage and training kits >>


From April 2018, retailers should start to phase plastic bags out of their supply chain if they haven’t already.

This period will also be key for informing customers and preparing staff for the change.

  1. Cease ordering banned bags and start to offer alternatives. See what bags are allowed >>
  2. Inform and remind customers of the impending ban. Use the free signage and resources >>
  3. Train your team, especially POS team members, on offering alternatives, reminding customers and handling alternative bags safely. Download the free training kit >>


From 1 July 2018, the lightweight plastic bag ban will be enforced across Queensland. Retailers will not be allowed to supply banned bags and penalties will apply for not complying.

  1. Ensure all banned bags have been removed.
  2. Change displays to post-ban signage to inform customers that you are not allowed to provide banned bags. Download signage examples >>
  3. Assist team members to manage the change, handle objections and to safely use alternative bags. Download the free training kit >>
  4. Ensure all team members know that fines apply for supplying banned bags. Read about the legislation >>

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